The harmonics of socks

The restoration of my missing mid-frequencies is proving to be a mixed blessing. 

  • I can hear paper rustle at 100 yards. (good and bad) 
  • I can hear my hair rustle at 1mm. (uniformly bad) 
  • Some of my students have voices for the first time. (fantastic, I won’t be sacked) 
  • I can hear whistling workmen as well as the pneumatic drills outside my office window. (bad)
  • I am enjoying playing the piano again. (good for me, bad for the neighbours)

The best bit is that sounds now have depth and resonance. This is clearly marvellous for playing Beethoven, but it’s even better for twanging the elastic of one’s socks against one’s ankles. Ahhhh. To my unaccustomed ears, it’s even more satisfying than popping the seal on a jar of coffee. That said, I haven’t popped a coffee seal lately. Maybe now that’ll sound like an explosion in the tympani section of an orchestra and I’ll have to take that last statement back. But you can only pop a coffee seal once (blimey, Popakoffisil sounds like a Russian gymnast). Sock twanging, on the other hand, has the bonus of being able to be repeated ad nauseum. Twang. Ahhhh. Twang. Ahhhh. Twang….


1 Response to “The harmonics of socks”

  1. 1 kentigern January 18, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    In a manner of speach Im pleased that you are back at the electric Johanna. Give Herr Liszt and comrade Rack a good tanking from me.

    Muv is 76 today, lots of luv frae big bruv!

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