Opposites attract

I had an enjoyable journey to work this morning, to the rousing i-Pod accompaniment of some mad Shostakovich piano quartet. It sounded like someone striding heavily up and down the piano keyboard with big boots on while someone else plucked a rubber band in the background. Magic. I hope the whole train carriage enjoyed it as much as I did since the hearing aid was in the handbag. Once out of the station, I crossed at a pedestrian crossing and ended up in a protracted ‘No, after you…‘ dance with a woman coming in the opposite direction. We both tried wrongly to anticipate the other’s move four times, before finally getting it right and passing each other with a “Sorry” and an embarrassed smile.

This silly scenario happens to me so often that I wonder what sensory mechanism is at play and whether I’m more prone to dancing with strangers at traffic lights because a. my ‘avoidance of strangers’ mechanism is working too well or b. whether it’s because it’s not working at all. Probably the latter, given my recent sensory revelations. But my mind then turned itself to why these type of collisions don’t happen more often in the general population. Then I thought about the spouse. He has the opposite problem to me. He frequently walks toward people just like himself, who absolutely refuse to give way. Both parties are forced to stop dead in their tracks and give each other a death stare, before stepping resentfully aside and muttering “Arsehole!” once safely out of earshot.

I came to the conclusion that the only reason people aren’t fighting each other on the streets more often is because one half of the population steadfastly refuse to deviate from their path whilst the other half happily walk around them, glad of an unambiguous visual cue.

Only people of the same type can end up at an impasse on a pedestrian crossing. Only people of different types can end up in a relationship.

2 Responses to “Opposites attract”

  1. 1 kentigern February 10, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    It’s a 10th Symphonic issue my dear. Cacophany masks the background “noise”.

    Anyhows Kentigerna and the elder befuddled fly to Stockholm ramorra. Are they related to Sockhausen, I think we should be told………………. yours in aquavit

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