Who needs hearing aids anyway

What's that noise, Hun?

With the long-awaited jaunt to Bute cut short because of the unseasonally atrocious weather, the spouse and I are back in Glasgow rattling around the house and wishing we’d gone to Lanzarote instead. The Siemens’ demise is perfectly timed since there’s nothing to hear other than the tv, the overworked Strathclyde Police helicopter and the spouse, who fortunately is a Type1 Foghorn speaker anyway. In addition, he’s now even helpfully prefacing certain statements with an emphatically loud  “I said…” where a response from me is required, leaving me free to continue nodding absent mindedly to the rest.

Nevertheless, in just over a week’s time I will be back at work and assailed by the lovable, but largely inaudible students to whom I am paid to respond, so I am pushing my luck by requesting a third and final visit to clinic O. The hearing aid is currently unusable so I can either just hand it back now, or see if they’re willing to give it one last try. I don’t think they’ve got any more to play with on the tweaking front because a. I’ve got a relatively mild and untypical type of loss and b. two minor tweaks have already completely removed all functionality. In any case I don’t feel good about wasting any more of their time in the face of a huge NHS waiting list of far more deserving cases.

The plan is to ask if the feedback problem could have been caused by the fact that, due to my recently exposed ignorance of ear anatomy, the bloody thing was practically hanging out of my lug for the first two and a half months. If that’s a possibility, then perhaps the best bet is to restore the original settings and hope for the best…


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