More i-Pod trouble

I was walking up the stairs to my office early the other day, happily insulated from the cruel world by the i-Pod. A couple of legs appeared in the top left of my peripheral vision and they turned out to be attached to my boss who was coming down the stairs in the opposite direction. I saw his mouth move, so I stopped as we both got to the landing and I pulled my headphones off.

“Didn’t think you’d hear what I said with the headphones on” remarked my boss. I hate to disappoint people, so I replied vaguely “…yes…” and awaited further clues. I sensed a question was coming.

“Have you seen Sound Enforcer?” said my boss.

This made absolutely no sense, although the Cookie-Bite Cortex of my brain attempted to make some, by conjuring up a mental image of a blockbuster film poster featuring a renegade Health and Safety officer with noise-induced hearing loss and a grudge against MP3 players. Clint Eastwood had the starring role.

“…Errrrrrm…” I said rolling my eyes skywards and fighting the compulsion to say “Could you say that again?”,  so as not to shatter the illusion of super-acute hearing I had just created with my headphones stunt.

“Do you know what he looks like? I’ve got an appointment with him at 10 o’clock” said my boss, looking at his watch, and hoping a bit of elaboration and rephrasing might speed things up.

“…Errrrrrrm…” I said again, rolling my eyes skywards and mentally running through the names of all the students in the department until I found one that rhymed with ‘sound enforcer’.

I nonchalantly gave a quick description of the wanted man and we went our separate ways, my boss no doubt noting the apparent slowness of my thought processes first thing in the morning.

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