Saved by the bell

The miracle crystal bell, resonant frequency approx 1224.5 Hz

I can’t wait to go out to the studio to make announcements, now that the students have provided an ingenious mechanism for us to get their attention in the large open-plan space. Even at moments of high excitement, a gentle tinkle on the gloriously kitsch crystal bell delicately causes those nearest to stop talking, and eventually the hush spreads through the entire group. The resulting silence allows even the most dull announcements to be delivered at normal conversational volume, in an atmosphere of hushed expectation. Oratorical gems such as “Excuse me, everyone, has anyone seen the hammer?” and “Who left that piece of wood covered in white paint there?” are received as if I am announcing the winner of The Turner Prize, and I have even had responses to some of my queries.

This is in sharp contrast to my previous experience of being completely ignored, despite striding about in a lunatic fashion and shouting unpleasantly at the top of my voice. I think there might be a lesson in that…

2 Responses to “Saved by the bell”

    • 2 moiradancer October 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Deirdre, the bell is indeed stunning, and you can’t even see the crystal toilet cistern pull handle. Sumptuous! The Cancer Research shop didn’t know what had hit it the day we set that project.

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