Turn it down

What the youngsters are listening to

The cute little vintage radio, which the students bought to be their studio sound system, suffered a catastrophic failure within hours of purchase and has been replaced by a very efficient set of speakers to a more modern specification. They were being put to the test this afternoon as I worked in the office with the door firmly shut. I had hoped to stave off the annual ‘loud music in the studio’ confrontation till at least week five, but when the volume went up another notch, I suddenly found myself on the other side of the office door without quite knowing how I’d got there.

“Can we turn the music down a bit, please?” I said in as controlled a manner as I could muster, before slightly losing it. “When the flippin’ hearing aid is rattling in my head even behind a closed door, I’d say that’s a bit too loud.”

As I flounced back to my paperwork, a solitary shadowy figure moved remarkably compliantly to the volume control, and silence descended. Feeling a bit of a killjoy, I went back out to the studio. “You don’t need to turn it off completely, I just wanted you to turn it down a bit,” I said, sounding horribly like my parents 25 years ago.

“It is on…” came the rather embarrassing reply.


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