Silly Old Bag

I once read somewhere that when men and women retrieve items from a bag, there is a fundamental difference in approach between the sexes. Men, apparently, open the bag, look inside and continue looking while they locate their target. Women, on the other hand, open the bag, stick their hand in without looking and have a good old rummage about until they locate the desired item by touch.

This was certainly the case this morning as I tried to lazily fish my i-Pod from my giant handbag whilst absently gazing at the train departure board. After inserting my arm firmly into the bag, in the manner of a vet preparing to deliver a calf, I felt for the end of the headphones and started pulling. There was a bit of resistance. God, how come it always comes out tangled after I’ve put it away neatly, I tutted noisily to myself, before giving the wires a bad tempered yank.

Just as the train pulled in, the i-Pod finally came free like a snagged fishing line, and my fellow passengers were treated to the disturbing sight of a woman holding up a knotted set of headphones, with a big green sanitary towel and a bunch of keys dangling from the end.

I shall be adopting the male approach to the task next time.


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