The Leg

After watching the spectacular Michael Caine B-horror movie ‘The Hand’ recently, I’m starting to wonder if my right leg is possessed and trying to kill me. A mere 48 hours after tripping me up at the restaurant, it was up to its old tricks in the studio today, as I attempted to negotiate the 50 sprawled bodies who were drawing on large sheets of paper on the floor, at my foolish instruction.

There was barely a square inch of floor left to walk on, but when I finally noticed a student at the back who had been unsuccessfully trying to attract my attention for quite some time, I thought I’d give it a go. I delicately tip-toed across the room in one metre strides, being very careful not to slip on a loose sheet of paper like my unfortunate cousin, who dislocated his knee when he slipped on a copy of the Sunday Times Magazine back in 1986.

My slightly ungainly traverse of the room went unnoticed by the majority of the group, until The Leg mischievously decided to insert an extra stride, causing me to lose my balance and step heavily on to a student’s box of materials. At the sound of his stuff scattering everywhere, 50 heads turned simultaneously in my direction.

I hung on to a structural pillar to steady myself, before losing my balance again and leaving a big Nike footprint on his drawing.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry…” I said, as the students nearby frantically snatched their possessions and work from my trajectory of destruction.

“It’s okay, Moira”, said the recipient of my footprint generously, no doubt glad that I had stepped on his drawing and not on him.

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