Spam Spam Wonderful Spam

When my colleague first set up this blog for me in the aftermath of the office Christmas drinks session last year, I was something of a WordPress ingenue. A few weeks later, when I remarked to him that I’d miraculously received a couple of comments, he gravely told me to watch out for spam. Being the nervous sort, I was then too terrified to hit the reply button in case a vanload of Viagra and natural vitamin supplements rolled up outside the office.

Fortunately, Akizmet does a very nice job of keeping me safe from harm, but I like to examine the spam every so often in the hope that someone offering me a million pounds has ended up in there by mistake. I also like to have a go at being a human spambot to see if I can outdo Akizmet.

The type of spam comment are obvious, as were the ones that said ‘i want it!’ and ‘give me now’ in relation to a post bearing a picture of an NHS hearing aid. A recent one, which ironically ran to half a page, advised me that whilst the commenter really enjoyed all the comments on my site, it would be better if the other commenters weren’t so lengthy in their replies. That clearly came from someone who has not visited these pages.

I really, really, wanted to believe the one that said ‘Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again, Thanks.’ but the link to an erectile dysfunction clinic burst my bubble somewhat. In a similar vein, the one that said ‘I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!’ impressed me with its enthusiasm, but painted a slightly frightening picture of hearing loss blog addiction.


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