What You Don’t Need When You’re Paranoid About Your Hearing

…is a workman knocking his eight foot steel ladders over onto the concrete floor in an enclosed echoic space just as you pass. My ears are still ringing. Hearing aid digital compression on loud sounds may make your music sound crap, but I can now see that it has its uses. Ouch.


5 Responses to “What You Don’t Need When You’re Paranoid About Your Hearing”

  1. 1 Liselotte September 22, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Your music doesn’t have to sound crap. I have hearing aids from Phonak and I also have the myPilot remote control with a music program installed. The result is miles better than without hearing aids.

    A lot of hearing aid makers can offer music programs, so do ask your hearing aid provider.

    And I love your daily conversations with Maureen, what a wonderful person.

    Best wishes,

    Liselotte, Copenhagen

    • 2 moiradancer September 23, 2011 at 12:45 pm

      Hi Liselotte, lovely to hear from you. My NHS aid does have a music program on it which I think reduces the amount of compression, but the downside is that if I’m playing the piano, and cars are passing outside, the cars are deafening. The music program does come in handy as a bionic ear occasionally, when I want to listen to strange noises in the countryside, etc. Fortunately with my mild loss I can still hear all the notes on the piano fine unaided, it just sounds a bit thin and muffled compared to hearing through the aid, so I’ve decided to just ditch the aid when playing. With my piano playing, there are advantages to not quite hearing all the wrong notes anyway. Once I’m rich and famous and a bit more deaf I might splash out on private aids, I’m intrigued to hear what things would sound like through both ears instead of one!

      Glad you’re enjoying Maureen’s pictures of daily life, I’m contemplating starting a Mo and Maureen page, she is indeed a wonderful person! It’s great getting everyone’s comments on here, it’s like getting a surprise present 🙂

  2. 3 maureen September 23, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Hi Liselotte,

    Thank you so very much for saying that! I think that Moira’s blog is very friendly, and attractive to people who wish to share how they go about solving the problems that life sometimes throws at them.

    Very often, when we get together and suggest things, many seemingly overwhelming stressors can be reduced. I think, because the organs of perception are so interlinked with the central nervous system, that the effects of things going wrong can be quite magnified.

    The taxi driver who took me for my hospital appointment had just learned he was deaf in one ear, and this was such a crushing blow for him, because he had previously been in business, and mixing music was his main source of joy.

    He said the consultant relayed there was not anything to help, really, and this particular type of deafness was caused by damage to his ears when young.

    He asked me all about my experiences with my eyes, so I told him, (well, because he asked), then he turned green, and implored me to talk about holidays again! (Don’t worry, Moira, I’m not going to put the graphic medical details on your blog – folk can be squeamish about eyes – I was too, until this happened to me!).

    Liselotte is a very beautiful name, and I am sure that Copenhagen is a lovely place to live.

    With best wishes to you from bonny Scotland,

  3. 4 Liselotte September 23, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Moria and Maureen,

    I know the feeling, getting a comment back is just like that – a surprise present:-)

    I have a blog myself (in danish, sorry), but the only giveaway concerning my cookie bite hearing condition is the link to your blog, Moria. It is more of a lifestyle/design/fashion/art/photo blog as these are the areas that interest me, when I relax in my spare time.

    And I am unfortunately not the creative type of person like you two – see how you started a crime novel in just a few lines, Moria – and a good one. Perhaps you and Maureen could write together in the future and give me a bit more of lovely Scotland? I love and have the complete Rebus series and some of the newer Ian Rankin novels.

    If you like to see a bit more of my place, then tune in to the sports channels on Sunday, then you will be able to see the northern part of Copenhagen hosting the international cycling VM.

    Boy, it is not as hard for my to write this as it is for Maureen, but I am some what out of my comfort zone, because I’m writing in another language. Hope the grammar is not all wrong;-)

    Best wishes,


  4. 5 maureen September 24, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Hi Liselotte,

    I think that your command of the English language is excellent! Please do continue to post more details about daily life in your lovely country.

    I think that Ian Rankin is a wonderful crime writer, and I love many authors’ work within this genre.

    I am a Luddite in all things technological, and only recently acquired a digital television with Freeview, so I do not as yet have the sports channel. The cleaners have put the old t.v.’s out by the bin for the council to dispose of, along with many sacks of discarded detritus.

    My sis and her husband live quite near me, and I spent some time with them post-operatively, and thoroughly enjoyed watching programmes on their Sky box, so I may order one, in the fullness of time. I am taking things slowly, as too much staring at the screen is not a good idea, as the eyes water and nip. The ophthalmologist has prescribed a solution for the dryness, which helps a bit. Everything in moderation seems to be the best way forward.

    I do hope that you are well today, and I would love to hear more about your blog, and your interest in music and art. It is nice that you share these passions with Moira. I do like art, and music, but cannot play any instrument, (and this despite many years of violin tuition – I just was not good at it, which was a little disappointing for my parents). Children will often only excel at that which they love – they really cannot be cajoled into doing things if they do not want to. Not that that stopped me putting my daughters into cello classes!

    Best wishes,

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