Mo’ Wax

Hearing Aid Avenger tests his prototype Waxbuster gun on a candle. He told me the hearing aid dome on the end would protect my ear canal, but I wasn’t convinced.


At the end of last week, I emerged from the shower to discover that my right ear was no longer picking up sounds from the outside world. Strangely, it was picking up sounds from inside my head just fine, but who wants to hear the base of their skull grinding on their spinal column first thing in the morning.

A quick hearing test on the piano, whilst still wrapped in a wet towel and with a finger in one ear, revealed that an octave in the middle of the cookie bite zone was now completely missing, and that everything else sounded very far away indeed. A Google search on the matter of clogged ears and showers indicated that waterlogged earwax was the likely culprit, and I groaned at the thought of another protracted round of oil in the lughole every night to get rid of it.

I groaned even louder when I phoned my GP practice to see if I could pre-book an appointment with the nurse in five days time, so that I could do the oil routine then get my ear syringed if necessary, on the only day I can get time off work in the next couple of weeks.

“We like you to try to clear it yourself with oil, first”, came the reply. ” Only if you haven’t managed to clear it, can you phone to ask for an appointment. We can’t pre-book.” It seemed my window of waxbusting opportunity had just closed.

To everyone I’ve inadvertently ignored over the last few days, sorry, but it ain’t over yet…

2 Responses to “Mo’ Wax”

  1. 1 Mary Swallow Thomas January 9, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Hello! I am the mom of a 17 year old hearing impaired kiddo who happens to be a LEGO FREAK!! Where-o-where did you get this amazing lego? My son is starting to fight me on his aids saying that it’s ‘uncool’ to wear them (I could physically hurt the person who has put this in his head!) and this type lego could be just the inspiration he needs to regain his hearing-aid mojo! Oh, and I would love to enter the Olympic hearing aid maintenance event under the ‘mom’ category!
    Blessings, Mary Thomas

    • 2 moiradancer January 10, 2013 at 7:50 am

      Hi Mary, lovely to hear from you, I shall instruct Hearing Aid Avenger to zap your son’s tormentor with his waxbuster gun!

      I wish Lego did do a hearing aid helmet for their mini-figs, how cool would that be, but the ones in the photo are just photoshopped on, unfortunately. If either you or your son like making things, it would be possible to make some Avenger Aids out of Fimo (plastic oven-hardening modelling clay) and stick ’em on to a basic helmet, though.

      I bought a bag of well-loved minifigs on eBay for peanuts and painted them beige with acrylic paint. It’s not very hard wearing, but does the job if the figure is just for display. Hearing Aid Avenger has a stunt double for his photoshoots so that I don’t have to paint the scratches off him each time he’s on a mission. The cape is just a scrap of red felt with a hole to slip over the neck peg, and his gun came with the assorted mini-fig parts that came with the figures. It was the perfect size for an 8mm hearing aid dome! It seems there is a huge online interest in customising mini-figs, so worth a look for your son anyway if he’s a Lego freak.

      Hearing Aid Avenger is currently on a secret mission in my workplace, so watch this space. Hope your son regains his hearing aid mojo soon…and you’re top of the list for the 2016 Olympic ha ‘Mom’ category 🙂

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