“How very dare you, Sir!”


To have been erroneously issued one Senior Citizen’s Concession rail ticket at the tender age of 48 is unfortunate; to have been issued two in the one week by completely different Scotrail ticket staff is positively alarming. I’d like to think that both ticket men belonged in the British College of Optometrists comedy annals of Severe Visual Inadequacy, along with the man who ate his hearing aids thinking they were cashew nuts, but it rather looks like I could be needing a bigger makeover than I previously thought.

Bloody beige hearing aids ageing me prematurely, that’s what I say…

3 Responses to ““How very dare you, Sir!””

  1. 1 BadBunnyEars May 2, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    I’ve finally read to the end of your blog.
    Thank you for making me laugh, while warning me of the pitfalls that, no doubt, lie ahead.

    I’m exactly the same age as you and await an appointment for my first pair of hearing aids with excitement (having spent two years asking my long suffering family to repeat themselves) and trepidation (having heard what the BioAid Ap does with our fish tank pump)

    Please keep up the good work and I’ll report back if the aids work and how long I can keep them out of the hands of my Geek Bot.

    I share my house with radio transmitters, signal generators, oscilloscopes and so many computers I lose track. Build your own hearing aid is quite likely.

    • 2 moiradancer May 3, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Delighted to hear that you enjoyed the blog, and hope that the leaps and bounds in hearing aid technology bring you maximum hearing excitement with minimum trepidation…if not you could always ask if you could have a fish tank pump setting on your new aids!

      I am envious of you having a Geek Bot, I think there is much potential fun to be had with hearing aid hacking activities. I’d love a pair like Frank Swain’s (the man who can hear wifi wherever he walks)

      Would be even better to have a pair which enable me to hear speech wherever I walk too, but that seems a bit far fetched at the moment.

      Best of luck with your fitting, and would love to hear how you get on…and whether the fish survive without oxygen 😉

      • 3 BadBunnyEars May 3, 2015 at 11:25 pm

        I think, I’ll pass on wifi detecting aids, we have three hubs around the house and garden, it could all get a bit much.

        Unfortunately, the fish are Clown fish and can’t survive without circulating their water.

        Geek bot has said he’ll look into quieting measures.

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