Two eardrums were sighted by the practice nurse early yesterday morning, which is just as well, because apparently they don’t do wax removal any more. The Multi Mic has exited its box for charging, and the iPhone is finally unlocked and waiting. Now all that remains is to strip the Danalogics of their illegal zebra stripes, before beginning the final countdown to wireless connectivity at Clinic O tomorrow.

T minus 15 hours and counting…



2 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. 1 yfoweb August 29, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    i feel your excitement! i also am waiting for a new aide, although i am just forking over the many $$s required myself. I decided to try the CIC – completely in canal – option this time. those RIC’s give me lots of swishing noises from my hair, glasses, etc, what a drag. Also hoping to link to my ‘smart’-phone, so i am not juggling the phone, aide, etc. And I experimenting with an android, rather than an iphone, and will need a receiver because it is CIC … I love the fact that we can now have aides for this uniquely challenging ‘cookie cutter’ hearing – but it does require considerable technical thinking (I won’t say knowledge, but certainly know more about these things than i did) and project management to put it all together.
    all the best, can’t wait to see how you go – post again soon.

    • 2 moiradancer August 30, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Lovely to hear from you, I think the excitement has now turned to terror…it’s T-1.5 hrs and my technical thinking has come off the rails. The iPhone is performing very slowly with a software update I didn’t realise I needed, I’ve downloaded all the wrong apps, and the zebras still have their stripes because I’m emergency Googling.

      Hope your CICs bring you streaming bliss and silent hair, would love to hear how you get on, too. Right, back to see how the thin white line is progressing on the iPhone!

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