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Cookiebiter surveying a geological cookiebite at Dunstrone fort, Bute, last week. Dunstrone is a very ancient and magical site of special scientific interest.

I wanted the gap in the rock to mysteriously make everything go silent as I walked through it, but it didn’t. Maybe next time…

Edit 10.09.12 Eagle eyed Butephiles reading this post will immediately notice that the picture shows Dunagoil fort, not Dunstrone, which is a mile or so up the coast. It seems my map reading is as bad as my hearing.

Apologies to anyone who travelled all the way to Bute and scoured Dunstrone fort for the magical cookiebite in vain. Those Dunstrone cows can be very scary.

Summer is a-coming in

…and I’m ready for it.

Cookie bite hedge

I am posting this in the first stage of my attempt to shrink the giant ‘hearing aids’ in the tag cloud.

Looks familiar...


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