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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

cookiebite snowmen

“You’ve really captured the Easter Bunny’s expression there”, I said, after BatteryBot proudly showed me these snowmen, which he explained were built in the likeness of he and his best pal.

“…Maybe you could use this photo to wish your readers a Happy Christmas,” he suggested. “Both of them are very loyal, they deserve something a bit more cheery than…”

“Okay, okay, I get the message”, I said, hitting the ‘Cancel’ button on the post I was just about to publish. It was entitled ‘Christmas Earwax Special: 10 things every hearing aid wearer should know‘. Extensive personal research had gone into its production, and I had been particularly proud of the Fantastic Voyage-inspired visual journey beyond the second bend of the ear canal. Still, I supposed I could save it for Easter or something since earwax is such a timeless subject.

“Howzat?” I said, as I uploaded the cute snowmen and hit the ‘Preview’ button.

“Can you put some holly on it?” asked BatteryBot.



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