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Clayed Moira on left, try it yourself. Don’t try the one on the right

“See that woman in Sainsbury’s”, said the spouse as he spread some funny looking paté on a piece of toast yesterday, “the one that torched herself on the checkout? She’s a right nutter. I mean, you go up to the till with your basket, right, and she’s looking at you as if…”

“Torched herself?” I interrupted, suddenly showing a morbid interest in what had previously been an extremely dull conversation. “Why did she do that?” I had just been having great fun claying myself on, but I couldn’t see anyone having much fun torching themself.

“…What?” said the spouse, losing his thread.

“You said: that woman, ‘the one that torched herself in Sainsbury’s’…”

“…Eh?” said the spouse, “don’t know where you got that from.”

“Think!” I commanded. I was going to have to walk him through the last sentence without risking him going right back to the start of the story. “You said: ‘see that woman in Sainsbury’s, the one that torched herself’… ”

“Christ!” wailed the spouse, “Talks to herself. TALKS. TO. HERSELF.”

The Eagle Has Landed

Bird by Kevin Andrew Morris. Duct tape by 3M

The spouse has finally been re-united with the tiny bird sculpture he bought at the degree show opening night. It flew in to the office in a polystyrene cup with my name on it and it’s very pretty as you can see. Back in June, I was rather worried at the ease with which I could mistake a lump of discarded duct tape for a ceramic sculpture of a bird that I had only seen for a couple of minutes, but now that I see the two together for the first time, I’m rather impressed by the similarity.

Just in case there’s anyone out there who’s even more visually challenged than I am, the lump of duct tape is the one on the right.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

I awoke this morning to the joyous sounds of a mug of coffee being placed on the bedside table and the telly flicking on. I rubbed my eyes and watched enraptured as the BBC Scotland news report effortlessly segued from the weekly rundown of the weekend’s stabbings to an image of what looked like a fossilised shortbread biscuit.

The biscuit turned out not to have come from a tartan tin with a picture of Bonnie Prince Charlie on it, but from a Neolithic site on Orkney. It is, in fact, The Orkney Venus. She’s carved from sandstone and, according to Historic Scotland, is the oldest representation of a human form ever found in Scotland and shows the earliest depiction of a face from anywhere in the UK.

Crikey, she’s no looker I thought, and I feel I’ve seen that face somewhere before…

Doppelgangers Agogo

Me and Schubert were having a nice train journey to work this morning, when I spotted someone further up the carriage who looked very like my brother. The resemblance was quite uncanny and I gave him a thorough eyeballing as he read his newspaper, just to make sure it actually wasn’t him. Some sixth sense eventually caused the brother imposter to look up, so I quickly averted my roving eyes to avoid detection. I wasn’t quite quick enough, though, and it was now his turn to stare at me. I wondered if he was thinking that I looked a bit like his sister. An inner voice said helpfully, “No, he just thinks you’re a weirdo” and I was forced to stare intently out the window for the rest of the journey to prove that I wasn’t.

As I got off the train, I cringed at the memory of another case of mistaken identity earlier in the week, at a conference. On that occasion, I had introduced myself a little over-enthusiastically to a puzzled, shaven-headed bespectacled man whose name badge said David, after mistaking him for the shaven-headed bespectacled keynote speaker, whose name badge also said David. If I hadn’t told him how wonderful his speech was I might just have got away with it.

As I walked through the station, mind elsewhere, my eyeballs were now on autopilot, but had decided of their own accord to fixate on a well-dressed blonde woman standing outside a shop. She looks kind of familiar, I thought. Yes, she looks a bit like Catherine in the design office. What a co-incidence. Funny that, all these lookalikes one after the other. The woman waved and I turned round to see who she was waving at. Maybe she thinks I look a bit like someone she knows, too, wouldn’t that be funny? She waved again and shouted something and, just that little bit too late to stop, I suddenly realised that it actually was Catherine from the design office.

Roll on the weekend, I think I must be a bit tired.


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