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Did You Hear Something Just There?

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Come quick!” shouted the spouse. I had been having a nice relaxing afternoon at home after the gale force winds currently affecting Scotland had shut the Institute of Artistic Endeavour earlier in the day.

“Oh my god!” I said in agreement, after running to the window.

“Didn’t you hear the noise?” said the spouse, “It was horrifically loud…I thought there had been a car crash!”

I had to admit that I hadn’t heard a thing, but since the hearing aid had been having the day off in the bad weather too, there was no great surprise there. As I scanned the scene, relieved to note that the occupant of the car squashed by the tree was no longer in there, a sudden thought occurred to me. It occurred to the spouse at exactly the same time.

“Wait a minute…where’s the car?”

Fortunately, it’s the red one, but I don’t think our neighbours are going to be too pleased when they get home from work…


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