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Was That Me?

“What the…” I said to myself, as a hideously loud and protracted feedback squeal interrupted my otherwise peaceful ingestion of a glazed apricot Danish pastry at work yesterday morning. I hadn’t had such a public feedback fright since I’d inadvertently leant the side of my hearing aided head against a pillar in the studio, in a moment of weakness during a very long critique session.

“DON’T WORRY MOIRA, IT’S NOT YOUR HEARING AIDS”, shouted my concerned colleague from behind a computer on the other side of the office, “I’M JUST CHECKING OUT FRANKIE’S FINAL SOUND PIECE…IT’S BASED ON AUDIO FEEDBACK.”

“It’ll never catch on”, I replied sagely, putting sticky hearing aids back in my ears with glazed apricot fingers, and wondering what other sonic delights await me during the marking of this year’s graduate work.


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