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Return to Rothesay

View from the deck of the MV Argyle on Saturday, BBC weather forecast: white cloud

After a busy week, the spouse and I headed to Bute for a bit of fresh air. Since we were both tired, we decided to take the train instead of the car for a change.

At the station ticket booth, I made a special effort to enunciate clearly, using my finest exaggerated mouth movements. I wished to avoid a repeat of the previous time I had asked for two returns to Rothesay. On that occasion, after the world’s lengthiest transaction, the bad tempered ticket man issued us with two over-priced returns to Rosyth instead of Rothesay, and nearly made us miss the train.

No such difficulty yesterday and, thanks to my Wallace and Gromit mouth movements, I was successfully issued with the correct tickets at the first attempt.



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