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It’s An Ill Wind

It’s 2012, and if the recent apocalyptic weather conditions in Scotland are anything to go by, I’m starting to wonder if the Mayans might have had it right with their predictions after all.

New Year Resolution No. 1: Go for early morning run round park, has already been thwarted by the sudden appearance of a river where the concrete path used to be.

Phew, thank goodness for that.

Did You Hear Something Just There?

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Come quick!” shouted the spouse. I had been having a nice relaxing afternoon at home after the gale force winds currently affecting Scotland had shut the Institute of Artistic Endeavour earlier in the day.

“Oh my god!” I said in agreement, after running to the window.

“Didn’t you hear the noise?” said the spouse, “It was horrifically loud…I thought there had been a car crash!”

I had to admit that I hadn’t heard a thing, but since the hearing aid had been having the day off in the bad weather too, there was no great surprise there. As I scanned the scene, relieved to note that the occupant of the car squashed by the tree was no longer in there, a sudden thought occurred to me. It occurred to the spouse at exactly the same time.

“Wait a minute…where’s the car?”

Fortunately, it’s the red one, but I don’t think our neighbours are going to be too pleased when they get home from work…


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