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The Future Of Hearing Aids?

The Kookybite Battery Bot was looking a bit dejected when I sent him out for some new batteries this morning, and I felt slightly guilty. I apologised once again for forgetting his first birthday yesterday, but he shook his head and said birthdays were of no interest to him because he was a robot.

After a bit of coaxing, I finally got him to tell me what was the matter. It turns out he’s been on the internet again  without safe search activated. Oh no. He’d stumbled across a proper hearing aid blog with factual information on it and had been shocked to the core after reading about the impending arrival of methanol powered hearing aids. You can imagine how he felt at the thought of being replaced by a ‘docking station recharger the size of a mobile phone’, full of methanol. “Try getting that through airport security”, I scoffed, wiping the tears from his eyes.

I cheerfully reassured Battery Bot that although many things in Glasgow are fuelled by methanol, NHS hearing aids were not likely to become one of them. Far too many smokers around for that.


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