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Things You’re Unlikely To See #3

Well I never. My latest wishful thinking pastiche above, based on the equally unlikely but very lovely Making a Transistor Radio Ladybird book published in 1972, may actually be about to become reality. According to this interesting article about hacking on the Beeb website (thanks Babs for the tip-off) it seems that hearing aid hacking is destined to become all the rage. Computer savvy deifies who like their hearing aids tuned to their needs, as opposed to what the Autofit setting on the computer dictates, are apparently taking matters into their own hands with a bit of digital DIY customisation.

On the back of this news, NHS clinics will now have to watch their under-60s like a hawk to make sure that they don’t switch their attentions from illegal cosmetic bejewelling activities to more serious functional modification of the inner workings. Mind you, Clinic O can rest assured that the wondrous Oticon Spirit Zests are currently safe from harm since I’m useless with computer technology. If anyone can knock me up a hair noise cancelling algorithm, though, I’ll be very interested, curly hair is very noisy.

Right, I’m off to study that Ladybird book now; young fellow-me-lad in the illustration below looks very pleased with his DIY device, which could easily pass for a 1970s NHS hearing aid.


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