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Things You’re Unlikely To See #5

Who says hearing aids can’t be exciting? Go on Channel 4, prove me wrong, I reckon you’re missing a trick here…

The Hearing Aid Clinic Episode 1: Just Another Monday Morning

New docusoap about an NHS hearing aid clinic, from the makers of 24 Hours in A&E. The episode opens with Jenny, the relentlessly cheery receptionist, having a long drawn out phone conversation with a profoundly deaf caller who is frustrated at not being able to make an appointment by email. Things take a more dramatic turn when a highly strung patient collapses suddenly during an Uncomfortable Loudness test, and security staff are called to the audiometry booth to restrain a 46 year old woman who has just been told that she can’t have her long-awaited hearing aid fitting until she’s had her ears syringed by her GP. Strangely compelling viewing.


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