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Hearing aid maintenance for beginners

Behind the scenes at the hearing aid clinic

Went on a grand day out yesterday to a series of talks by three very interesting and entertaining artists. There was lovely scenery to look at, lots of nice people to talk to and best of all, fantastic home-made cakes at lunchtime. The scenery posed no problem at all, but all the talking and the eating of the cakes and sandwiches brought a return of Norman Collier broken microphone syndrome to the hearing aid, which kept capriciously popping out the lughole with every jaw movement. I was glad that I was not wearing my glasses, because keeping the right index finger on the bridge of the nose and the left on the tube of the hearing aid would have caused problems with holding my plate of nosh, as well as looking slightly peculiar.

When I got back home, I braced myself and phoned the hearing aid clinic to ask how often you’re meant to change the domes and did they supply them. Three or four times a year came the reply and yes they supply them. Do I need to make an appointment for that I asked, hoping I didn’t. Yes came the reply‚Ķwith the enigmatic caveat ‘if you want us to do it’. I couldn’t work out what the alternative option might be, but a vision of being accosted by a shady character with the inside of his raincoat lined with knockoff 8mm hearing aid domes flashed disturbingly through my mind. To be on the safe side and to avoid showing my ignorance, I just made an appointment. When I see them in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait to enquire about the daring business of going it alone with dome replacement in future.



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