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Digital Obsolescence

It was decision time at Clinic O, as I finally handed back the hissing Danalogics and said I’d stick with the faithful, if slightly quirky, Chromas. We’d been through a lot together, me and the Chromas, and I realised I’d come to love their classic beige NHS orthotic styling and big comfy domes. I was now looking forward to a few final adjustments to sort out my slobbery dental fricatives, before waving goodbye to Clinic O and wandering off into the audiological sunset.

The very nice senior audiologist totally understood the reasons for my decision, but wasn’t as elated as I thought she might be at the prospect of not seeing my name in the appointment book every five minutes.

“Those Chromas are getting pretty obsolete now, you know…it’s not really ideal”, she said pensively, whilst beheading the Danalogics and handing me back the worryingly large stash of ReSound leatherette pouches and unused wax picking accoutrements that I’d amassed from my frequent visits over the last few months.

“I had a word with my boss before you came in”, she continued, “there are still a couple of options left if you want to try them?”

“Tell me more…” I said, leaning forward with interest.


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