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For The Birds…And Cookiebiters

One of the benefits of being a mildly bitten cookie biter with respectable high frequency thresholds, is that I can lie in bed of a morning and still hear the birds tweeting merrily in the park, even while the wondrous Oticons are sound asleep on the bedside table. I have always taken this for granted, but now I appreciate just how lucky I am. So much so that, lately, I have been seized by a sudden urge to identify what birds are responsible for what songs, before the onset of presbycusis silences the tweeters, along with my uncanny ability to hear loose change rattling in someone’s pocket three miles away.

After studying the RSPB library of birdsongs in enjoyable detail, I now know that the trees of Queen’s Park are full of invisible blackbirds, sparrows and tits. I already knew about the urban magpies because from May onwards, you can hear the distinctive sound of them kicking over bins in the back lanes and erecting scaffolding to build their nests. What struck me was that all of the bird calls I recognised on the recordings evoked instant memories of places, and invariably nice ones, which is probably one part of why listening to birdsong is so relaxing. Long may it continue.

Thankfully I have not yet heard the call of the Peregrine falcon from my bed, but it may just be a matter of time, according to this morning’s news report from the BBC, which has a video of a displaced falcon family nesting on the 24th floor of a tower block. You can tell they’re tough Glaswegian falcons because there’s no string tied to their legs and they’re not wearing those wee leather safety helmets you usually see them with. They’re a bit rough with the wean, too.

Hopefully they’ll find a more conventional place to nest next year, because the last thing you want to be watching your back for while you’re eating your chips outside The Blue Lagoon on a Friday night, is a hungry falcon that isn’t attached to a string.


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