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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds: almost as expensive as hearing aids…

At my visit to clinic O last week, I was successfully redomed and retubed, and given enough batteries to keep me at bay for at least a year.

On my return home, now that audiologist eyes were safely out of the way for a while, I decided it was time to add a bit of glamour to the Chroma S with some diamant√© bling from the art shop. Mindful of being sued by the NHS for wilful damage to their property, I identified suitably safe spots for my self-adhesive jewels to go. I fancied an eyecatching row of diamant√© along the top, but once I had taken into account the programming socket, battery flap, programme button and microphone which all needed to be kept clear, I was left with a 3mm square area on the side to decorate. Never mind, I thought, that’s perfect for a single sparkly diamond. Tastefully restrained against the beige, too.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the NHS is one step ahead of self-adhesive saboteurs like me, because it’s a right pain getting anything to adhere to the mysterious non-stick coating. I managed it in the end, though.



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