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It’s Raining, it’s Pouring

The Isle of Arran’s Sleeping Warrior with a light dusting of snow on Saturday, seen from near Dunagoil on Bute during a brief respite in the rain. We’d hoped for an icy winter wonderland this weekend, but were glad of the higher than predicted temperatures when we discovered that the Buteshack and its contents had been soaked through by the recent storms. Since the electric fire was knackered, we were forced to take refuge beside the log burning stove in the local pub…it’s a hard life.

No, No, It Can’t Be

Looking out to Arran from high above Glencallum Bay, BBC weather forecast: Sunny

A new year begins. The 2010 naked calendar is now sadly obsolete, I’m practising saying twenty eleven instead of two thousand and eleven, and it’s back to work tomorrow with a big spot on the end of my nose and a coat that’s mysteriously shrunk at the waist since I last had it on.

Happy 2011 everyone!



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