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Bute Newt

With the days finally lengthening and warming up, it was a wildlife extravaganza on Bute this weekend. The daffodils were out, a green carpet of wild garlic leaves had sprouted in the woods at the back of the house, and white-tailed deer bounced gaily out of the undergrowth on the side of the Suidhe hill, as we climbed our way laboriously to the top.

“Quick, I’ve found a tiny snake!”, I shouted excitedly to the spouse, after a fleeting movement in the grass underfoot caught my eye. A closer inspection of the stripy brown reptile hiding in the greenery revealed that the snake had four legs and was actually a common newt.

“Dunno what made me think it was a snake”, I said, suddenly noticing the hiss in my ears again.

Running Up That Hill

View from Suidhe hill looking out over Kilchattan Bay

During an unexpected break in the holiday rain today, the spouse and I decided to get a nice bit of exercise by climbing the nearby Suidhe hill. Suidhe (pronounced ‘suey’) is Gaelic for ‘seat’, and I certainly needed one by the time I got to the top, since it’s extremely steep and the path was horribly slippy after all the rain. There was a dramatic moment on an almost vertical stretch near the top, where I didn’t have enough strength to get my left leg completely over a wooden fence and became stuck in a very undignified splits position, as the the right leg slid back down the hill. In order to release me, the spouse had to lift the leg off the fence for me, but he confirmed it was a very heavy leg, so I didn’t feel so bad at not being able to lift it myself.

Once at the top, the effort turned out to be well worth it, since the panoramic view from the trig point at the summit is absolutely stunning. The sun even came out, and as the clouds parted, I spotted the distant shores of Inellen on the horizon and gave Soozie cyborginafield a wave. I don’t think she saw me, though.


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