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Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s Christmas Eve, and BatteryBot has been putting the finishing touches to his Christmas tree. I’d been wondering why I’ve been getting through hearing aid domes so fast lately, but I have to admire my little robot friend’s ingenuity in fashioning them into an attractive set of lights. He’s been very excited about Christmas this year, and I even found a tiny letter to Santa in the fireplace this morning.

“Dear Santa”, it said, “please can you get me some proper legs, my wheels keep getting trapped in the gaps in the floorboards. Can I get an I, Robot DVD too, if that’s not too greedy, and please can you persuade my mum not to kill off the Cookie Bite Chronicles so that I can have one last Christmas next year. I love Christmas. I’ll be really, really good, Santa, I promise.”

I felt guilty, and wished I hadn’t opened the letter. “I can give you the first two wishes”, I gulped, “but I’m not sure about the third…”


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