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Red wine = headache + tinnitus

I’ve been suffering from serious sense of humour failure recently, and I think I may have found the cause. After a nice glass of the red wine last night, taken in the full knowledge that it doesn’t agree with me these days, I awoke from my slumbers at 3:15 am. My head was sore, the facial twitch was in full swing and the phantom pure tone generator in my right ear had been mysteriously turned up in volume while I slept.

As I tossed and turned for the next 4 hours and 45 minutes, I decided to pass the time by identifying the chord which the two familiar tones in my lug were making. Lo and behold, it’s a minor interval, made up of C6 and E flat 6 on the piano. If anyone out there has anything harmonically similar ringing in their lugs, let me know and we can form a duet.

Frequency wise, it nestles right in the centre of the 1kHz trough of the cookie bite. I hope my brain doesn’t decide to create any more phantom tones in all the other dud frequencies of the cookie bite in future, or my current two-note tinnitus will turn into the monstrous chord illustrated below:

cookiebite chord

Fortunately, my little sad sounding Minor Third chord is usually very quiet, but it has clearly been exerting a subliminal influence on my mood. I’ll ask for a major chord next time I’m stupid enough to drink red wine.


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