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It’s Spring Again

I examine Kelspoke Castle carefully. It wasn't quite what I was expecting from the map...

Spring is finally in the air. The skies were blue and the sun was shining as the spouse and I set off up the hill behind the Buteshack yesterday, to take in the splendid views across the Clyde from the rather grandly named Kelspoke Castle.

The wellies were a must to negotiate the steep boggy ground, and the comedy slurping noises underfoot as I squelched through clods of peaty mud, were highly satisfying. I will give you a tip, however. Should you see watercress on marshy ground, don’t step in it unless you wish to take a refreshing dip.


No, No, It Can’t Be

Looking out to Arran from high above Glencallum Bay, BBC weather forecast: Sunny

A new year begins. The 2010 naked calendar is now sadly obsolete, I’m practising saying twenty eleven instead of two thousand and eleven, and it’s back to work tomorrow with a big spot on the end of my nose and a coat that’s mysteriously shrunk at the waist since I last had it on.

Happy 2011 everyone!



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