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A nice bit of exercise

Looking to Arran from Birgidale Moor, BBC weather forecast: Light Rain

It’s been a bit quiet at Cookie Bite HQ recently, because teaching begins again in earnest next week. I have been busy on a series of high-profile academic assignments, such as filling the holes in the projection area of the wall with Polyfilla, and sticking hundreds of notices beginning with ‘Please DO NOT…’ on every available surface in preparation for the arrival of the new group of students.

As a bit of light relief yesterday, the spouse and I headed off to Bute with the intention of beating the Women’s Institute to the last of the season’s brambles. Once we arrived, the bikes were immediately dragged from the shed and we began the two mile uphill cycle to Birgidale Moor, crunching through seized-up gears and attired like a couple of scarecrows. Had we known that the Round Bute Cycle Race was on at the same time, we might have left it until a little later. There is nothing so demoralising as labouring your way up a huge hill as loads of Lycra clad whippets on intravenous energy drinks speed past. As I watched the spouse and the Tour de Bute team shrink to specks on the horizon, my thoughts wandered to whether the long leg might be hampering my cycle technique, in addition to tripping me up all the time. As I began mentally designing a built-up pedal arrangement to circumvent my biomechanical inadequacies, the noisy entanglement of a passing bee in my hairdo jolted me back to the present in a timely manner, and I spotted the spouse having a nice rest against a fencepost in the distance.

Once I eventually reached the top of the hill, the bikes were ditched and we set off across the moor in search of brambles. When we reached the track to the treasure, unusually, the gate was closed. By way of explanation, the spouse pointed out a rather large specimen of a bull about 50 yards further on, but fortunately it turned out to be on the other side of the fence. We carried on, admiring the bull’s generous proportions and customary nose ring from behind the safety of the electrified barbed wire fence. Suddenly, there was a loud ‘Moo’ and a cow jumped out of the gorse bushes on to the track in front of us, followed by the farmer in a quad bike and a woman in wellies waving a white rag. I had never seen a bull jump over an electrified barbed wire fence before, so when the beast did, my first instinct was to run extremely fast. The spouse took fright at my unusual decisiveness and ran too, quickly overtaking me after approximately 2 yards. Amidst the yelling and flag waving, there was a flurry of snorting and hooves as the bull had his wicked way with the object of his desire, while we caught our breath on the other side of the gate.

Once the farmer had rounded up the bovine casanova, we were finally able to complete our mission to strip the hedgerow of brambles, taking in a bit of the nice autumnal view at the same time.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Looking over to the Isle of Wee Cumbrae from Kilchattan Bay, Isle of Bute

We went to Bute.

We forgot to take the bedlinen.

The toilet blocked.

The sun disappeared.

I went in a bad mood.

But these brambles picked from the hedgerow this morning on the way home were rather nice…


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