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Make a colourful cover for your beige NHS hearing aid

lycra hearing aid covers2

lycra hearing aid covers

The remnants bin at the local fabric shop was the site of an unseemly battle with a determined pensioner over some Lycra scraps. The pensioner won, holding aloft a prized shocking pink piece like a trophy scalp en route to the till, but I came off not too badly. I got enough bargain offcuts to fashion these prototype hearing aid covers, and about 500 more, should the need ever arise.

If you fancy having a go yourself, there’s a link to BatteryBot’s patent template below, and I’ll do a tutorial if anyone wants one. In the meantime, just hide any dodgy stitching on the side next to your head…

hearing aid cover pattern template

update 17 Jul 2013: Hearing aid cover tutorial

coloured hearing aid covers

Things You’re Unlikely To See #2

I’d just picked a couple of nice purple polka dot ones…and then I woke up. You can find the real NHS catalogue here.


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