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Kookybite Innovation #11

Aidcam finalKookybite Aidcam2

I have noticed a disturbing phenomenon recently. At noisy social events, when people try to speak directly into my ear in the mistaken belief that I will hear them better, I instinctively turn my head to get a view of their lips instead of staring blankly into space like everyone else. This makes the speaker very uncomfortable both in terms of the unexpected eye contact at such close range, and the loss of proximity of the ear in relation to their mouth. It makes me very uncomfortable because my neck is now twisted painfully.

In response to my head twisting to see their lips, they then turn to follow the ear, I twist further to see their lips, they turn further to follow the ear…you get the drift. To the outside observer, it must give the impression of a slow motion version of an Exorcist-style 720º head rotation, or some sort of bizarre mating ritual. Help is at hand, however, and the Kookybite Aidcam is designed to prevent all that.

I am also working on a low-tech version, which is simply a hearing aid sticker that says “TALK TO THE FACE”


Update 7th May 2015: Well I never, ahead of my time yet again, check this out. Look me in the ear and tell me it’s for real…

More from the team involved here

O ye of little faith, enter here  Update Jan 2018: Don’t bother, AOHL have deleted the link.

Kookybite Innovation #5

Oh dear, me and Katy Perry have just spent too many enforced train journeys together this week for my liking…

Kookybite Innovation #2

This magnificent innovation was inspired by repeated instances of looking at Visual Communication students’ work, having no pockets, and being handed a gigantic set of feedback-inducing headphones followed by the dreaded words “Have a listen, I’ve made a soundtrack to go with this…”

Kookybite Innovation #1

Here is the first of my silly inventions, inspired by talking to people with facial hair and quiet voices, both of which seem to be very fashionable at the moment.

Unlike BeardAway, the app shown here does actually exist. If only I had an iPhone…


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